We’ve selected a few projects from our time working with Ogilvy and American Express from 2017-2019. This isn't all of it, there's a lot more. We did a little mixtape if you're short on time.

amex-lithium-card-launch Amex - April Fool 2018  
amex-gold-edinburgh-trams Amex - Edinburgh Trams
amex-live-at-the-local Amex - Live @ The Local Concept
amex-blue-campaign Amex - Blue Campaign
amex-gold-rewardsville Amex - Gold 2018 Rewardsville  
amex-gold-posters Amex - Gold 2018 Posters
amex-gold-travelator Amex - Gold 2018 Waterloo Travelator  
amex-gold-tent Amex - Gold 2019 Tent  
amex-london-travel Amex - London Digital Outdoor  
amex-brighton-pride Amex - Pride Sponsorship
amex-smile-campaign Amex Tokyo - Smile Campaign  
amex-rewarding-rewards Amex - Rewarding Rewards  
amex-april-fool-2020 Amex - April Fool Concept 2020
amex-platinum-cashback-instagram Amex - Platinum Cashback Instagram