The past 12 months have seen us working on a variety of household brands at Mullen Lowe, including Rennie, Persil and Domestos. Here, we also provided support on an NHS Government pitch and developed e-commerce digital for UPS. Our most interesting challenge however was for Bayer, helping save Iberis Amara, an essential herb used in gut health product Iberogast. We came up with the 'Herbal Highway’' An ambitious long-term planting project along a section of the major road link running between Darmstadt, Germany where Iberogast is produced towards Frankfurt Airport. Havas Lynx saw us briefly dip once more into the world of pharma proving our creative versatility.

Our next destination saw us spending the summer in Victoria at VCCP. Winning the Prostate Cancer pitch from the off, we then got stuck into Cadburys, White Claw drinks and Hisense LED TV, producing a 2 min product demo film for the latter. Next stop, we landed at McCann, where we went about creating various film scripts and other thinking for Qatar Airways. More recently, our creative path led us to the lovely people at Red Brick Road, where we created territory thinking and bringing to life routes for a building society pitch. Last we heard, good news on the pitch was incoming.

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